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Turks On Orange Alert – Pilots Clear To Shoot Down Russian Jets Without Authorization

In a move that will certainly lead to an all out war between Turkey and Russia, and push NATO to face off against the new axis powers in a global war, the Turkish air force is now on orange alert status. The move permits the Turkish Air Force to shoot down any Russian aircraft perceived to be violating Turkish airspace. This means that without direct orders from Ankara, Turkish pilots can strike at will.

Going on Orange Alert, is in response to new allegations against Russia for once again violating Turkish airspace on January 29th.

There are four stages of the alert system. White, yellow, orange, and red. Orange alert status means there could be conflict, and be ready to defend the attack.

Red alert means a high probability of conflict or war.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry issued this statement referring to the airspace violation quote, “This kind of irresponsible behavior could lead to grave consequences that may arise with Russia. We stress once more to Russia, not to violate Turkish airspace, as we have a clear call to act defensively regarding any violation of the NATO air field.”

Prior to the alleged airspace violations Turkey claims they warned the Russian pilots in the Russian and English languages stating quote, “This is the Turkish Air Force. You are approaching the Turkey Air Field. Turn your heading south.” After the warning Turkey reported the pilots changed course.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov, denied the event took place stating, no Russian or Syrian planes violated Turkish airspace.

This is a significant escalation amidst the already strained relations between Russia and Turkey since Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet late last year.

If Turkish pilots act on their own accord, and begin shooting down Russian jets who they claim are constantly violating Turkish airspace full blown global war between the new declared axis powers of Russia, China, and Iran against the United States and Nato.

Courtesy of Next News Network


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